Monday, March 9, 2015

Mid-Winter Break

The kids Mid-Winter break from school consists of pretty much a long weekend. Early release on Friday, followed by Monday/Tuesday off from school..But we had a blast. The weather was beautiful, (I mean it is shocking for February in the PNW to have sunny and 60's, we'll take it as a welcome change). 

We spent our whole weekend enjoying the weather, and took on Tuesday day-trip to Port Townsend over the Kingston Ferry. 
A post-church walk at the river-walk.
The Kingston Ferry 

Fort Worden

Lunch in Downtown Port Townsend

Fort Flagler

Monday, March 2, 2015

March: Things I'd like to Remember

 I am starting a new lifestyle blog project along with some of my friends from Clickin Moms..The theme for march is 'Things I'd like to Remember'. There are so many things I'd like to remember, but here is one that is on top of the list for me. Waking up with Ave in our bed. For awhile, it was EVERY morning I'd wake to her nestled into the crook of my arm, she'd sneak in so quietly that I most often wouldn't even wake up when she would come in, I'd just awake to her snuggled in. Now it is only a couple times/week, and I know I will be very sad when it is a thing of the past, and I also know that that day will come all too soon.
This past Saturday I woke to her, and grabbed the camera as she started to wake up. It was about 7:30 in the morning and we were blessed with the prettiest sunny day we'd had in awhile and nice morning sun peeking through the window.

One more thing I'd like to remember is how she sucks on her two middle fingers, so much so that she has blisters on them. The very same fingers that I did at her age..We know she needs to stop for the sake of her teeth.

 So next in my blog circle with her 'Things to Remember' is my friend Denean:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Christmas Month Day 30.

Yay, I'm completing my holiday month of photos..We had a fun few more days off with Daddy following Chelan, and we sure didn't sit still...
Seattle Center is fun in the winter, they set up a fun ice skating rink that the kids love.

Finn had the hardest time skating. He found it thoroughly frustrating..he was more trying to 'walk' on the ice than skate. 

Addie loved skating. Had we had a little more time, she probably could easily have ditched the walker.

Avery loved skating as well, but wanted to do it 'all by herself' and it was a little difficult to keep track of her!

All done.

Winter in Chelan (Christmas day 25-30)

The day after Chrismas Jacey and her family arrived from Florida, and we headed for Lake Chelan. It in not only a lovely summer vacation place, but a wonderful place to winter (if you are in pursuit of truly winter weather). Grammy and Grampy blesses us with a rental home large enough to house our croup of 11 people and two dogs.

Cousins enjoying a movie.

Avery and Miri had a day at the house with just Grammy and I and they thoroughly enjoyed the time together!

We had an outing to Chelan Estates Winery and picked up some fabulous bottles of red wine. Good wine is one of my favorite parts of vacation!

About 10 minutes away was a fabulous tubing/ski hill for the kids (and grown ups too).  Chelan had been having more sun and less snow than usual, so as you can see in our photos. the snow is a bit on the thin side...It has been a sparse year snow-wise in all of Washington, but we had a great time anyway. I don't think the kids even noticed, Icy hills just make you go faster. All three of my kids LOVED the huge tube hill, as did their cousin Madeline and all of us adults too. 

He's such a goof!

One evening, just as it turned dusk, it started snowing right at our house. The kids were excited, especially the Florida girls!.

Chelan has ducks in winter too. 

Sledding in town.

Until next time.

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